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Sleep As Comfortably As You Can on an Affordable, New Mattress

You’ve been through the ropes by now, you know the drill: the mattress you own directly affects your happiness and your health. But when you shop at DFW Furniture Warehouse in Concord and San Leandro, CA, forget about your health—we only sell the latest technologies, proven to work long before you buy them. You’re here to find the mattress that best reflects you and your lifestyle. Luckily, we have the widest selection you could possibly imagine—from twin size up to adjustable bases—at prices you won’t find at any mattress store this side of the Golden State.

Twin Size Mattresses to Get You Dreaming

Plush as they come, our selection of twin size mattresses may be just what you need to get the ideal 8 hours of sleep, and the sweet dreams that follow. We sell conventional springs, as well as the latest and most innovative memory foam mattresses on the market, to support you during your deepest slumbers. Sink into bed at night knowing that your mind and body can finally relax, asleep on the perfect twin size mattress.

Sleep Soundly on a Queen Size Mattress

In the realm of the Queen size mattress, we do not disappoint. Whether you land on an 8 inch or 12 inch MyGel or one of our stupendous hybrids, you will sleep as softly and soundly as a baby, with more than enough space for yourself and your partner. Coupled with a new mattress, you may even think about the added durability of a Queen size foundation—compatible with memory foams, as well as hybrids and more traditional innersprings.

Change Your Habits on an Adjustable Base

Reach your own pinnacle of comfort, atop a King size mattress supported by an adjustable base that you control at your leisure. Shift between zero gravity—simulating weightlessness—and a slew of other modes for increased blood circulation and pressure relief. Seated up as you sleep, you can expect improved breathing (and a reduction in snoring). The best part: we carry a ton of compatible, affordable mattresses that will pair with your adjustable base right out of the box.

When you’re ready for a new mattress without all the bullying, come down to the DWF Furniture Warehouse near Concord and San Leandro, CA.